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Beginners Workshop

Price: $115.00 per person

Beginners Workshop

  • Date:
  • Cuisine: Technical, Weekend, Savoury, Sweet, BBQ, Dinner, Entree, Family Cooking, For Blokes, Lunch, Quick, Main, Healthy
  • Chef: Genevieve Copland

This is a beginners class for all ages, backgrounds and interests.

Are you fed up with those take-away dinners and long to eat something tasty and healthy that isn't difficult or time-consuming to cook?  Or maybe you are just scared of the kitchen or even cooking for just 1?  

In this class we will be teaching you some basics so you can easily replicate them for yourself or your friends - The perfect bolognaise and options with it, a basic salad and how to build upon it and of course - a dessert that can be swapped and changed with whatever you have in the house!

The aim of the class is to teach you some jargon, equipment and food basics in a relaxed and fun environment that will give you confidence to do it for yourself.  Say goodbye to those takeaway meals forever!

As it is within 24 hours of the class being held, please call us on 0411 274 712 to be booked in
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Client Feedback

“We had a fantastic time and all the staff have commented on how much they enjoyed the whole event. The Chefs ability to make everything come together on time and their expertise (and patience)  in the kitchen is amazing.  From a corporate point of view it was great to see the team interacting with each other, while learning a new skill and having so much fun. Thanks also to you for organising this for us and accommodating all our needs.”

Patricia Bloom