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Kids in the Kitchen with Riki!  #1

Price: $70.00 per person

Kids in the Kitchen with Riki! #1

  • Date:
  • Cuisine: Other, Family Cooking, Kids
  • Chef: Riki Kaspi

Book the kids in to enjoy a fun and rewarding time with Chef Riki!

They'll start with Banana Smoothies and follow it up with a kids favourite trio: Pizza (from scratch of course!), Mexican Corn on the Cob & Chicken 'Nuggets'.  Finish up with Berry Trifle & Chocolate Brownies!

This is such a tacile and entertaining class that the kids won't even realise that they are gaining valuable life skiills - all the while you can enjoy a peaceful coffee.  Win win! 

Note: This class runs for 2.5 hours.   


As it is within 24 hours of the class being held, please call us on 0411 274 712 to be booked in
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Client Feedback

“I thoroughly enjoyed the French Macarons class and found it to be very well organised and also highly informative.  ”

Sue Swaby