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Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia

Price: $110.00 per person

Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia

  • Date:
  • Cuisine: Moroccan, North African, African, Exotic, For Blokes, Lunch, Dinner
  • Chef: Riki Kaspi

The ‘Maghreb’ countries (‘Further West’), rooted in Africa, consist of bustling bazaars bursting with colour, the aroma of fabulous food, swaying date palms, exotic architecture, terracotta against Mediterranean blue.

Preparing Moroccan tajines, a couscous feast, juicy meat kebabs, the wonderful 'brik', plentiful and colourful dips and salads.  And of course, what is more Tunusian than Harissa…….  You will create them all, learning how each country uses the same spices in totally unique ways, guided by Riki Kaspi’s years of experience with an additional touch of her originality and much passion.

Please note that the 'Riki's Spice Journey' products will be available to purchase on the night - make sure you bring cash to purchase one of these divine gourmet sensations!

As it is within 24 hours of the class being held, please call us on 0411 274 712 to be booked in
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Client Feedback

“I attended the Knife Skills class just before Christmas and I wanted to let you – and everyone else – know how fantastic it was. It was plain to see that the Chef had a lot of experience as we were guided through what to look for in a good knife, how to care for your knives, common pitfalls and mistakes of knife ownership, and proper technique for slicing and dicing. Chef was really friendly and answered all our questions.  I had pretty good knife skills before I came to this class (even if I do say so myself!) but I was able to refine my technique and I definitely walked away with some good tips. Having good knives and knowing how to use them really does make the whole experience of cooking that much more delightful. I highly recommend it! ”

Donna Rose