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Wok Workshop

Price: $115.00 per person

Wok Workshop

  • Date:
  • Cuisine: Asian, Hot & Spicy, Exotic, Sweet & Sour, Family Cooking, Healthy, Lunch, Dinner, For Blokes, Summer Food
  • Chef: Sunny de Ocampo

Cooking in a wok is a very quick and easy way to make meals at home for the whole famiy. 

In this class you learn how to prepare and execute several wok dishes that have that smoky, charred flavour that is synonymous with all stir-fry dishes. 

You will also learn about vital heat control and caring for your wok.  Plenty of tips and tricks in this class to be learnt!

As it is within 24 hours of the class being held, please call us on 0411 274 712 to be booked in
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Client Feedback

“A great night of cooking and eating, but also a learning journey. I finally know how to care and cook in my wok (I always thought I had bought a dodgy wok).”

Ursula Swan