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  • NEW! A$90 per person

Knife Skills Workshop

Chef: Riki Kaspi or Paul Desport | NEW! A$90 per person | May 24 | July 8 | 6pm-8pm

Quick Details

Suitable for 14 year olds plus


The right way of chopping…You can do it! knife skills in your kitchen making your home cooking much fun


Chef: Riki Kaspi

Have you ever wanted to pretend chopping like a chef in your own kitchen? This workshop is just the one for you!

In this workshop you and your partner will chop and chop learning and practicing while Riki encouraging and supporting you, providing you all with her best ‘secrets’ & tips of how you can make it work! Knife maintenance, Knife selection for correct job, Knife sharpening, holding your knife, how to finely dice /chop onion, ginger, garlic, how to julienne carrots, How to brunoise ¼ in. dice Root veg, fine slice mushrooms, de-seed slice/dice chili and more.

Your ‘perfect chopping’ will be then cooked happily in Riki’s large pot of delicious colourful ‘Minestrone’ soup so you can all enjoy the food of your own creation.