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Moroccan Tagine

Chef: Riki Kaspi or Sunny de Ocampo | June 15 | July 12 | 6pm - 8:30pm

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Suitable for 14 year olds plus



In this Moroccan Tagine cooking class we will all cook & share the feast: Moroccan Chicken Tagine, pasty wrapped ‘brik’ egg, Tomato & capsicum salad, Lamb Tagine, Couscous, Moroccan Doughnuts…Moroccan Food is one of the great cuisines of the world. You will learn about the use of the tagine, that conical-shaped dish that delivers those wonderful flavours.

The emphasis is on the subtle use of spices with meats, fish and vegetables plus traditional accompaniments to produce a marvellous concoction of aromas, tastes and colours. Please note that the ‘Riki’s Spice Journey’ products will be available to purchase!

Riki's Moroccan Tajine Cooking Class 26th Oct 2011

Chef Riki Kaspi’s Moroccan Tajine hands-on cooking class filmed at The Cooking Professor cooking school.