Gourmet Escape Dinner Event: ‘Riki’s Moroccan Food Paired With ‘La Vigna’ Michael Tamburi’s Wines

Chef: Riki Kaspi (Riki's Long-table dinner event) | November 13 | 6pm

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Chef Riki Kaspi owner of ‘The Cooking Professor’ hosting Michael Tamburi from ‘la vigna’ inviting you to an unforgettable evening of ‘Wine & Food Pairing’ event.

In this special ‘Gourmet Escape Fringe Event 2019, Riki will be taking you to an exciting Moroccan & Middle Eastern ‘spice journey’ through to the foods of her own country of origin, offering a large range of colourful, flavoursome dished while Michael will be meeting the ‘spicy challenge’ with his surprisingly unique choice of 3 wines pairing

Selected dishes from Riki’s foods served on long-table shared dinning experience:
Babaganush smoky eggplant; Riki’s ‘real Israeli humus’; Roast capsicum & tomato ‘madbuha’ salad; Moroccan Chicken Tajine served on aromatic couscous; Spicy lamb meatballs served with ‘Majadara’ Rice; Moroccan ‘Haraimeh’ oven baked fish; Moroccan assorted sweets platter and more…