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  • NEW! A$80 per person

The Art of Smoking (Hot & Cold) – Workshop

Chef: Robyne Low | A$90 | April 20 | 6pm-8pm

Quick Details

Suitable for 14 year olds plus


The joy of smoked food is universal. Nothing creates that perfect mouthfeel quite like a handful of hickory smoked peanuts or smoked salmon blinis.

This class explores the art of both hot and cold smoking techniques that can easily be used in the home kitchen

On the menu:

Cold smoked bread and butter; Scandinavian hot smoked Trout (with the classic Nordic sides of sour cream and herbed new potatoes); The Chinese method of Tea smoking using duck; Classic American style Baby back Ribs.
Learn how to create a bark using smoked Texan BBQ sauce and your home oven. Smokey side salad recipes also included!

At our newly designed culinary workshop all participants will team-up to pairs following the same recipes guided by our chef to cook selected dishes while enjoying the delicious tastings of your own making!