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Pizza Masterclass Workshop with Chef Andrea Muru

Chef: Andrea Muru | A$85 | Sunday 6 June | 4pm - 7pm

Quick Details

Pair Price includes 2 people

In this exciting new hands-on workshop, Andrea the Italian Pizza Master will lead you a step by step to prepare your own 3 authentic Italian Pizzas!

3 Italian Pizzas: Margarita; Ham; Mushroom & Zucchini

Chef Andrea Muru will begin by teaching you how to prepare the correct Pizza Dough, the use of yeast, the correct rise then stretched by hand your own pizza base. Following with the preparation of real Italian tomato sauce, the selection of Italian cheese & toppings. The last stage will be learning the correct way of baking your own-made pizza at your home-oven.

Enjoy your own creation of delicious Italian Pizzas!

Suitable for 14 year olds plus

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