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Youth Cooking Workshop (ages 10-15) Italian Pasta Hand-made

Chefs: Riki Kaspi or Sunny de Ocampo | A$75 | January 6 | 10am-12pm

Quick Details

Youth Ages 10-15
Youth Pair Ages 10-15

A special fun & highly interactive workshop,to prepare your own freshly hand-made Italian Pasta!

Get messy…Learn with your partner how to use a pasta machine and see how satisfying and fun it is to make your own freshly homemade green & white pasta – such a great skill, easy and so much fun!
Riki will prepare her own precooked delicious ‘Carbonara’ & ‘Bolognese classics pasta sauces to be served and enjoy with your own pasta creations and a side Bruschetta.

At our newly designed hands-on Youth Culinary Workshop all participants will team-up to pairs following the same recipes guided by our chef to cook selected dishes while enjoying the delicious tastings of your own making!

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