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About The Cooking Professor

The Cooking Professor is Perth’s leading Cooking School, owned by Chef Riki Kaspi, teamed by our enthusiastic, dedicated instructors.

Riki Kaspi

Riki was born in Israel, into a multicultural environment that revolved around food. Her Mother was from Turkey and came from a family of dedicated and intuitive home cooks. “There were no recipe books,” says Riki. “Recipes had always been handed down orally.”

When she and Heni immigrated to Australia, she realised her dream by taking over Riki Blake’s North Perth Café where she won critical acclaim for her cosy, intimate and buzzy little place specialising in North African and Middle eastern cuisine. Riki and Heni sold the cafe early in 2009 and embarked on travel again to Europe and the Middle East and on their return Riki started teaching at The Cooking Professor.

Riki is now a Chef at, and the owner of The Cooking Professor and has her own line of gourmet Moroccan inspired products “Riki Kaspi Spice Journey”.

Yuki Higashi

Born in Japan, where there are various cuisines and food delicacies available, Yuki has always been brave to try something new and different since she was little. When Yuki moved to Australia her passion and curiosity for food and flavours started to grow bigger. She did culinary training at College in 2008 and finally began her career as a Chef. She worked in cafes, restaurants, 5-star hotels, and is now a Private Chef praised for her quality of work.

Yuki has gained culinary knowledge, skills, and modern techniques through diverse and trend chasing working environments over 10 years, yet is still so much in love with creating healthy homestyle dishes with an Asian flair. In her classes, Yuki likes to encourage using a lot of fresh local and exotic produce, herbs and aromatics to emphasize taste, flavour, and textures in her dishes.

Tirtza Pisk

Tirtza was born in Israel, in a small community (Kibbutz) in which traditional and exotic Jewish – Israeli cooking was of major importance. A freshly baked cake was always on the table, welcoming the weekend, and it was these things that encouraged Tirtza to explore baking, and soon, a passion was discovered.

She immigrated to Australia in 2005. Missing home, Tirtza called upon her Israeli heritage, and began baking treats with a modern twist. She soon gained a reputation for being a great baker and had her homemade cakes featured in cafes and restaurants. In her classes, Tirtza wishes to share her love of baking and cooking with fresh and simple ingredients.

Jessica Lowe

Fitness Nutritionist and Healthy Cook, Jessica Lowe is the person who helps people become happy and healthy by sharing her passion for healthy food. Born with a pasion for cooking and raised that you should try everything once it is only natural that in 2013 Jessica was cast on My Kitchen Rules. When filming of the show was complete, Jessica worked for Pete Evans in his Melbourne co-owned Baker & Evans restaurants called Long Shot & Bar Nacional.

Spending her 20s enjoying food, travel, and exercise Jessica also started to realise that no amount of training in a gym could balance out all of the food she was consuming and she became obsessed with nutrition. By the age of 30 and after many healthy lifestyle changes and feeling amazing, Jessica decided to quit her corporate career and she started studying Fitness & Nutrition. In 2015, she started her own company called Happy Healthy, which specialised in healthy catering, sold healthy raw treats, and still does nutrition coaching.

Jessica has helped hundreds of people drop fat by speeding up their metabolism, getting them into the fat burning zone by fuelling their bodies with the correct foods (macronutrient groups) for their body composition and lifestyle. She is extremely passionate about food and her style of eating which promotes better and more consistent energy levels by fueling people with the right foods that establish a consistent release of the insulin hormone, preventing and improving insulin resistance. Jessica believes that good nutrition is going back to the basics and by eating whole foods and focusing on eating better and not less you can truly learn the key to a balanced diet and enjoy food every day without deprivation.

Vincenzo Velletri

Vincenzo was born in Fondi, a small town in central Italy. He grew up on a farm where fresh produce was always available and learned about good food at his mother’s knee. Vincenzo migrated to Australia 20 years ago and has worked at many fine Italian restaurants in Perth.

He is a member of the Slow Food Movement and is the leader of the jSwan Valley and Eastern Region Convivium of the Slow Food Movement. He also runs “Il Paiolo Catering”. Vincenzo is passionate about good, fresh food produced locally and the pleasure of eating it.

Sam of BonPussy

BonPussy Jamaican Foods is a family owned, proud Australian business. Founded in Cockburn West Australia. (it’s Co-burn). We grow our own particular varieties of chilli to ensure we get the full heat and flavour of West Australia in each of our bottles. We think you will be pleased… Our fruits are free from any sprays and we feed our crops only with organic food.

For best results. For our family BonPussy has always meant a good hot sauce. Our biggest achivements come from giving people pleasure through flavours they have never tasted before. We hope we can do this for you. Sam offers quarterly Jamaican Cooking Classe.


The Cooking Professor Cooking School was originally started by Peter Kenyon in 2007. Sadly, Peter passed away in February 2012.

We, as the current team at The Cooking Professor aim to make sure his legacy and high standards of cooking classes will remain. He was and always will be the face of The Cooking Professor.