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Gift Vouchers

Give the Gift of Good Taste!

Purchase our gift vouchers valid for 3 years to book any of our cooking classes and special dinner events.


Hands-on Cooking Classes: $140 per person
Culinary Workshops: $105 per person
Parent + Child Workshops: $80 per person
Kids/Youth Classes: $90 per person
Long Table Dinner Events: $90 per person

Choose any amount you wish to treat the person you love!

Riki’s Jerusalem Street Food cooking class at The Cooking Professor as seen on Channel 9!

The Best Hands-On Cooking Classes In Perth!

We Teach You Cook & Share a Feast!

Looking for a fun & friendly, social and highly interactive cooking experience? Our unique hands-on cooking classes offer you the chance to enjoy a fantastic meal you and your friends or family cooked together! Everyone can find something new to try. We even have classes for kids!

Choose any of our cooking classes you wish from the large range of world cuisines we offer and join in now!

Moroccan Tajine, Italian handmade pasta, Spanish paella & churros, Thai classics, Middle Eastern street food, Japanese sushi making, French bistro classics… and more!

Everyone Can Cook with Us!

  • Looking for Kids Cooking Classes? Enroll your child into one of our Junior or Youth fun & interactive Cooking Classes, or cook together in our Parent & Child Pair Classes! Make handmade Pasta, Dumplings or Sushi as a team!
  • Want to share your cooking experience with a partner? Choose one of our ‘Pair’ Cooking Classes!
  • Looking to challenge your cooking skills and learn new techniques? Choose a completely new culinary experience or a cuisine you’ve always loved but never cooked before!
  • Don’t know how to cook? Ask the ‘Dockers Junior’ Footy players how in 2 hours they cooked a fantastic Italian Handmade Pasta meal with us!

Sample Our Classes!

Kids & Parents

  • Kids Cooking Classes with Riki!
  • Pasta Making Pairs (Parent + Child)
  • Sushi Pairs (Parent + Child)

Cultural Experiences

  • Moroccan Feast with Riki
  • Spanish Tapas
  • Jerusalem Street Food
  • …and so many more!

Give the Gift of Good Taste!