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Cheese Making Workshop 2: Pecorino & Caciotta Ancient Roman Aged Cheeses

One Day Three Hour Workshop | Chefs: Katia & Sabrina Cappadacio | SUNDAY September 8 | 10am-1pm 

Quick Details

Suitable for 14 year olds plus

Pair Price includes 2 people

The Cheese makers, two Italian sisters, which have a significant family history in the Cheese making business. They will reveal just how easy it is to create freshly made staple Cheeses as part of the traditional Italian home Kitchen.

This is not just a simple Cheese Class but a real trip to Italy!


“Cagliata”: the mother of all cheeses; “Primo Sale”: a delicious fresh cheese very famous in the Roman countryside, good plain or enriched with olives, walnuts and lemon pepper; “Caciotta Romana”: an aged or semi-aged soft cheese in a cylinder shape with a distinct taste, produced mainly with sheep’s milk; “Pecorino Romano”: the origins date back to the era of the Roman Empire, is a hard, cooked cheese, produced with whole sheep’s milk from flocks reared in the wild and fed on natural pastures.

Not only will you sample all the different types of Cheese you just made, you can also take home some of what you created!

A Generous Cheese Board will be served during the class:

• Bruschetta: toasted bread, Caciotta Romana with chilli, marmalade
• Bruschetta: toasted bread, Caciotta Romana plain
• Bruschetta: toasted bread, Caciotta Romana with pepper
• Cheese tasting: Pecorino Romano, fresh pears, honey
• Insalata Mediterranea: Primo Sale with olives, cherry tomato, basil, EVO, salt
• Insalata Autunnale: Primo Sale with walnuts, rocket, aceto balsamico, EVO, salt
• Insalata Estiva: Primo Sale with lemon pepper, fennel, EVO, salt
• Fresh Vegies; Fresh Fruits; Crackers; Dried Fruits

No experience needed, the only essential thing is the love of Cheese…