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Korean – K-Foods Delicious!

Chef: Kym Chambers | May 6 | 6pm-8:30pm | A$140pp

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Pair Price includes 2 people

Discover the delicious cuisine of Korea!


Kimchi Sundudu Jigai – soft tofu stew; Bulgolgi – Marinate strips of beef served in lettuce; Korean Fried Chicken; Ttteokboki – Spicy rice cake; Japchae – Glass noodles with carrot, mushrooms & spinach; Korean rice; Korean lettuce salad; Dessert: Hotteok – Fried pancake with honey & sesame seeds

You’ve heard of K-Pop, and K-Drama, it’s now time to discover K-Foods, the flavourful, sometimes spicy, but always delicious food of South Korea.

Chef Kym Chambers

Lived and worked In Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Japan, and France over the past decade, has immersed herself in diverse culinary cultures.
Her special journey has fuelled her passion for cultures, food, and sharing cuisines, enabling Kym to plan and execute well-structured cooking classes that are both educational and enjoyable.


2.5 Hours