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Live Jazz & French Bistro: Long Table Dinner Event

Chef: Riki Kaspi (Riki's Long-table dinner event) | May 21 | August 20 | 6pm-8:30pm

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Listen to Heni Kaspi’s Live Jazz Duo while enjoying Riki’s delicious French Bistro Classics dishes served to share on long-table dinning

 [This event is NOT a cooking class]


Menu: Coq au vin; Potato Gratin; French Onion Soup; Rustic Country Style Pate de Campagne; Green Beans sauteed in Butter & Garlic; Poach pear in spiced Red Wine served with Rosewater & Honey Yogurt
Step back to the 1930’s ‘Paris Jazz Cafe’ enjoy the vibrant sounds of Heni’s live jazz duo…Seat back to enjoy Riki’s delicious selection of French Bistro Classics served to share on long tables while mingle with others on a glass of wine…

Book your group of friends, family or work colleagues to share our unique dining experience at our beautifully rustic designed warehouse styled venue

We are BYO!