Spanish Tapas

Chef: Riki Kaspi | August 10 | 6pm-8:30pm

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What a feast of little tapas treats! Chorize meatballs, Dukkah prawns, Croquettes with Serrano ham and Manchego, Baked stuffed mushrooms, Churros in hot chilli chocolate and more…””Tapas”” refers to a variety of small plates or snacks of Spanish origin. They may be cold or hot and are all the rage!

The are designed to encourage conversation – you don’t need to stay in your seat while you dine on these delicious morsels. They are so adaptable – you can have one for a snack or make many to form a social feast. So come along to this class to learn what the fuss is all about! that seafood and shellfish allergies cannot be catered for in this class