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  • NEW! A$80 per person | Must book per pair

Sushi Making Workshop – Parent & Child (Ages 4-14)

NEW! A$80 per person | Must book per pair | Chef: Riki Kaspi or Kym Chambers | July 13 | August 31 | 10am-12pm

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A wonderful opportunity to share this fun & interactive culinary experience with your child!


Starting with a classic, Japanese Miso soup on arrival, prepared by the Chef!

Next: hands-on sushi rolls! Learn the art of Sushi rice preparation. Begin with your partner ‘Vegetarian Sushi Roll’: Chopping vegetables, avocado, pickles & preparing the Japanese Tamago Egg – Japanese Omelette. Learn how to roll it! (Might be messy to begin with – but who cares!). Katsu Chicken Sushi is next, this time your sushi roll has already improved…onto your third, Nippon Sushi with Tuna, Mayo and pickled shallots. Next one, Temaki Sushi and then lastly the California Sushi Roll. What an exotic culinary journey!

All participants will team-up into their pairs following the same recipes, guided by our Chef to cook selected dishes while enjoying the delicious tastings of your own making!