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Sicilian Trattoria: Long Table Dinner Event

Guest Chef: Daniele Lo Castro | A$75 | June 18 | July 9 | 6pm - 8:30pm

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Sicilian born Guest Chef Daniele Lo Castro invites you to his own traditional Trattoria to enjoy a happy Italian shared long-table dining experience.

*This event is NOT a Cooking Class*

Menu: Fried Eggplant Caprese Rolls with fresh Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil; Sicilian Bruschetta with Anchovies, Black Olives, Capers & Cherry Tomatoes; Mushroom & Black Truffle Arancini; Sicilian Caponata Ratatouille; Green Gold Lasagna with Pistachio Pesto & Bechamel Sauce; Gnocchi alla Sorrentina with Napolitana Sauce Au Gratin; Grandmother Meatballs ‘secret recipe’ with Cheese Fondue; Mediterranean Misticanza fresh Salad; Dessert: Sicilian Ricotta Cannoli with Pistachio Cream filling

Take an imaginary adventure to the Mediterranean Sicilian Island, looking down from a small vineyard terrace over this beautiful seashore surrounded by deep blue colours, seeing roses and hearing the birds…Sit back and enjoy Daniele’s delicious selection of traditional Sicilian Trattoria served to share on long tables while you mingle with others over a glass of wine…
Book your group of friends, family or work colleagues into an unique dining experience offered at our beautifully rustic designed warehouse styled venue.

We Are BYO!