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Youth Cooking Workshop (ages 11-16) Japanese Sushi Rolls

Chef: Sunny de Ocampo | A$75 | July 6 | 4pm-6pm

Youth Ages 11-16
Youth Pair Ages 11-16

Japanese sushi rolls! A wonderful opportunity to gain experience joining our fun & interactive hands-on Sushi Making class

Enjoy Chihiro’s classic Japanese Miso soup on arrival to get ready for your exciting workshop. Beginning with learning how to make the special sushi rice. Next stage will be so much fun, learning the art of hands-on rolling your sushi to a perfect shape!

Begin with your partner ‘Vegetarian Sushi Roll’: Chopping vegetables, avocado, pickles & preparing the classic flavoured Japanese omelette. Learn how to role it! (Might be a bit messy to begin with – but who cares…) Katsu Chicken Sushi is your next, this time your sushi roll has already improved…ready to your third Nippon Sushi with Tuna, Mayo and pickled shallots, next onto Temaki Sushi and then California Sushi Roll and to finish Japanese dessert ‘Green Tea Chocolate’ – What an exotic culinary journey!

At our newly designed hands-on Culinary Workshop all participants will team-up into pairs following the same recipes guided by our chef to cook selected dishes while enjoying the delicious tastings of your own making!