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French Patisserie: Choux Pastry

Chef: Kym Chambers | July 20 | 10am-12:30pm | A$140pp

Quick Details

Pair Price includes 2 people

Get ready to elevate your baking skills and impress with these irresistible pastries!

Learn the art of French patisserie.

Lets dive into the enchanting world of Choux! This light and airy pastry is the secret behind the delicate crisp shell of irresistible delights like cream puffs and éclairs.
In this class, we’ll master the art of making and piping Choux pastry to create a variety of delicious creations.
Unlock the magic of French pastry making in this unforgettable culinary experience.


Sweet Chouquettes: Choux Buns topped with Pearl Sugar, Cream Puffs: topped with a crunchy Craquelin, éclairs and Savoury Cheese Gougères.

Chef Kym Chambers

Lived and worked in France, Korea, Japan, and Indonesia, over the past decade and has immersed herself in diverse culinary cultures. Her special journey has fuelled her passion for cultures, food, and sharing cuisines, enabling Kym to plan and execute well-structured cooking classes that are both educational and enjoyable.


2.5 Hours