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In our unique, hands-on learning environment everyone is broken into small teams and everyone makes a different dish under the guidance of the instructor in our cooking courses in Perth. Explore the variety of classes or skill sharpening workshops we host at The Cooking Professor Culinary School to find the cooking class in Perth that’s right for you.

Best cooking classes in Perth! Offering large range of cooking classes: Moroccan, Spanish, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, French, Kids class and much more!

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From A$105

Chef: Sunny de Ocampo | July 18 | 6pm

Learn several different dishes including Wakame & Silken Tofu, Teriyaki Chicken, Vegetable Tempura with light soy dipping sauce, and Miso Glazed Eggplant!

From A$105

Chef: Sunny de Ocampo | August 12 | 6pm

Chorize meatballs, Dukkah prawns, Croquettes with Serrano ham and Manchego, Baked stuffed mushrooms, Churros in hot chilli chocolate and more…””Tapas”” refers to a variety of small…

From A$105

Chef: Sunny de Ocampo | Aug. 15 | 6pm

This class will teach you more than just the ever popular fresh rolled rice paper roll – introducing you to a world of Vietnamese food and…

From A$105

Chef: Riki Kaspi |  6pm

Take a culinary stroll into the narrow streets of Marrakech ‘The Red City’ vibrant colourful food markets to Join generations of travelers, writers, food lovers inspired by the richness and diversity…

From A$65

Chef: Sunny de Ocampo | 6pm

If you have always wanted to know how to make these delicious melt-in-your-mouth morsels and killer risottos, this is the class for you.