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Culinary Experiences

Hands-on cooking classes learning environment, everyone is broken into small teams and everyone makes a different dish under the guidance of the instructor. Explore the variety of cooking classes or skill sharpening workshops we host at The Cooking Professor Culinary School to find the perfect cooking classes in Perth that’s right for you.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the Corona Virus, there may be times that we need to reschedule our cooking classes and special events due to insufficient bookings.

The best cooking classes in Perth! Offering a large range of cooking courses at our Mt. Hawthorn location. Moroccan, Spanish, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, French, Kids class and much more! What are you waiting for let’s join in and discover a new experience in the cookery class. So, if you are looking for “cooking classes near me”, we are just around the corner at Mt. Hawthorn.

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