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Jerusalem Street Food | Shakshuka

Chef: Riki Kaspi | April 12 | May 31 | 6pm-8:30pm

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Suitable for 14 year olds plus



Join Riki in a class close to her heart, learn how to cook her famous ‘Shakshuka, Fish cakes in tomato sauce, Roasted cauliflowe with Tahini, Mujadara lentils rice & yogurt cucumber, sweet cigars and more…She will be taking you back to her homeland, sharing with you the treasures of Israeli Street Food.

Riki promises to reveal all the little secrets of this Middle Eastern cuisine and telling her own story. She’ll explain Israeli food culture – where food is generously shared among families, friends and neighbours. People visiting each other’s home, gathering around the kitchen table, gossiping, tasting new dishes, handing down recipes in a language of ‘add a little bit of this and of that…