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Guest Chef Vincent Lim: ‘A Journey through Asian Food’

(Special Dinner Event) | A$60 | 6pm


Join a special dinner event with Chef Vincent Lim traveling around Asia to uncover the soul of food


In this special event, celebrity chef Vince Lim offering a story telling feast to remember. ‘…My family food my personal love story with Asian cuisine…’ says Vince offering his favourite selection of a colourful shared platters banquette.

Menu: Nay nay egg pork roll tempura; Sticky pork lettuce wrap; Pipa tofu crab sauce; Fungus noodle salad ‘Count your rainbows; Red beef; Pulled chicken mee; Pumpkin Black Rice; Clams; ‘Mr Tang’; ‘Dirty Hands’ banana Nutella; ‘Five Dollars’ Cucumber