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  • NEW! A$80 per person |

Sausages Making Workshop

Chef: Sunny de Ocampo |$80 per person | October 11 | November 22 | 6pm-8pm

Quick Details

Suitable for 14 year olds plus


Time to make your own, fresh, healthy & tasty homemade sausages!


*English Bangers / Chipolata – Pan-fried * Boerewors – grilled & baked * Fresh Spanish Chorizo *
In this workshop you will learn mincing, stuffing and twisting sausages, practicing techniques to cook sausages properly
At the beginning of your workshop all participants will be team-up to pairs. During the workshop you will all follow the same recipes of homemade sausages selected by our friendly & highly experienced chef Sunny de Ocampo, to prepare and enjoy the delicious tastings of your own freshly cooked sausages!

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