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Kids in the Kitchen with Robyne ! Menu #1 (ages 6-14)

Child Ages 6-14


Menu: Banana Smoothies; Pizza (from scratch of course!); Mexican Corn on the Cob; Riki’s Chicken ‘Nuggets’ (fresh & healthy!) Berry Trifle & Chocolate Brownies!


Drop the kids off and let them loose in the kitchen with us whilst you enjoy a relaxing morning out chatting over coffee or getting a few things done – kid free!

In Riki’s exciting hands-on kids cooking class your kids will learn how to work in teams with some tasks allocated individually to each child, and be taught how to prepare some great, fun and tactile food that they can replicate at home.

This is such a tacile and entertaining class that the kids won’t even realise that they are gaining valuable life skills.

Of course afterwards they get to sit back and devour it all – BUT we’ve saved the best for last – we do the cleaning…

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