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‘Kebab’ Lebanese Street Food Workshop

Chef: Riki Kaspi

Quick Details

Suitable for 14 year olds plus


‘Kebab’ Lebanese Street Food delicious meal in its best! So much goodies wrapped in one large freshly baked pitta bread…


Learn with your partner how to prepare your own freshly baked large ‘lafa’ pitta bread. Prepare your own authentic Lamb ‘kofta’ kebabs following Riki’s ‘secret recipe’, warped in your large ‘lafa’ flat pita bread stuffed with so much in it…fresh salad & grilled eggplant spiced with Tahini ‘Pickled Amba’ spread, Riki’s ‘Real Israeli Humus’ and more. Enjoy your own creation of this popular, authentic, delicious Middle Eastern street-food treat;
At  our newly designed culinary workshop all participants will team-up to pairs guided by our chef, following the same recipes to cook selected dishes while enjoying the delicious tastings of your own making!